​Application Glossary

At LEDVANCE, environmental sustainability is a continuous initiative that is built into the way we do business.
Meeting our needs today without compromising the resources needed by future generations, touches everything we do as a company. It’s all about reducing environmental impact, a commitment that goes beyond our products to include how those products are used, how they are manufactured and how they are packaged and distributed. Whether you’re interested in lowering your energy bills, avoiding frequent and costly maintenance, LEDVANCE can help support your green building strategy.

Total Cost of Lighting Ownership: The Total Cost of Lighting Ownership (TCOO) of your facility lighting system is derived from:

Material Costs: The initial purchase price of the lighting system and components. (Remember that material costs are small compared to the cost of energy to operate the system) When choosing lamps, consider factors such as: life, color consistency, lumen maintenance, ballast/system efficiency, lighting control options. (occupancy sensors, dimming, daylight sensing, load shedding, etc.)

Energy Costs: The total per annum hours the system operates, multiplied by the local kWh electric rate. When choosing lamps, consider efficiency (lumens per watt), life, lighting control options. Inquire about energy incentives from the local utility and government agencies.

Maintenance: The ongoing cost of maintaining the system: labor, re-lamping, etc. Consider longer life products (e.g. extended life T5 and T8 fluorescent, ceramic metal halide, LEDs) with superior color stability and lumen maintenance to reduce labor/replacement costs and longer maintenance intervals.

Recycling: The cost of removal and disposal of lamps, ballasts, luminaires and components at end-of-life in an environmentally responsible manner. Consider longer life products.