Lighting Options by Space or Area

Private Offices

Most private offices are relatively small, have floor to ceiling partition and have a single occupant. Internal offices lack the presence of natural daylight and the visual comfort and stimulus it brings. The right kind of lighting goes a long way towards providing the positive effects of daylight and maintaining a high level of productivity and wellbeing.

Design Tips:

  • Control of overhead brightness and glare may be less a concern than in open office areas unless the office walls are very reflective or there are windows at the top of the partition walls allowing light to spill into adjacent areas
  • Wall wash or cove light luminaires can use a wall’s reflectance as part of the general lighting plan, and create a feeling of brightness and openness.
  • When using direct lighting, consider desk location for proper task illumination.
  • Avoid using HID lamps in down lights for task illumination due to harsh shadows.