Lighting Options by Space or Area

Reception Areas

Like the entrance lobby, this “gateway” area is another place where visitors form their perceptions about your company. The atmosphere should be welcoming and should reflect your company’s philosophy and the way you do business. Lighting sets the mood, from fun and forward thinking, to corporate and established. It also helps welcome staffers who pass through on their way to their workspaces.

Design Tips

  • Reception areas are primarily occupied by visitors. Lighting should be restful while providing sufficient illuminance levels for scanning magazines, taking notes, using laptops and conversing.
  • To provide restful illumination and eliminate glare on laptop screens, light one or more walls or the ceiling and part of the walls.
  • Accent lighting on wall graphics, corporate logo, pictures, statues, planters, attracts attention and makes the setting more invigorating and interesting.
  • If there is a reception desk and attendant, light that person’s face from luminaires on the ceiling in a manner that is flattering and eliminates harsh shadows from down lights directly above the desk.
  • Provide adequate task lighting for the receptionist.