Lighting Options by Space or Area

Show Windows

Regardless of their store’s location, every retailer is competing for the consumer’s attention. With proper lighting your store window can break out of the mix. The window is the vital link between the potential buyer and the merchandise inside.  Accent lighting can be directed exactly where you want it, to highlight and to define your merchandise, and create stopping power that will make consumers want to come inside and invest themselves in the sales experience.
Design Tips
  • Location of show windows is an important consideration:
    • Outdoor
    • Enclosed mall
    • Urban or suburban
    • Freestanding or shopping center/mall store
  • If daylight is a concern, dimming controls may need to be employed to compensate for changes in illuminance levels during the day and into the night.
  • By applying higher lighting levels to your display and avoiding dark rear walls in the background, you can avoid your window turning into a mirror.
  • Lighting system needs to be flexible  and hidden from the customer’s direct view.