IESNA Progress Report - Accepted OSRAM SYLVANIA Products

A proud legacy of achievement

Each year, the Progress Committee of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) solicits the lighting industry for product submissions. Accepted products are featured in the committee’s Progress Report at the IESNA annual conference and published in the IESNA’s publication, LD+A. The Progress Committee selects products that represent advancements to the art and science of lighting. Submissions are organized into one of seven categories: light source, accessory, luminaire, research, application, publication and design tool. They are evaluated for their design, engineering characteristics, installation features and overall uniqueness.

The committee of industry experts votes on up to 200 product submissions annually. Over the years, many SYLVANIA branded products have been accepted. OSRAM SYLVANIA products and applications accepted to the 2015 Progress Report are listed below with their significant features.

The following products were selected in 2015 for inclusion for the following reasons:

  • ULTRA MR16 LED Lamps Highest efficacy and lumen output   

  • ULTRA LED High Lumen Lamp First IP60 rated LED retrofit lamp with high lumen output. This was demoed at the 2015 IES Annual Conference

  • ULTRA HO PAR38 LED Lamps Highest lumen output and efficacy  

  • ULTRA PAR30LN Universal Voltage LED Lamp Highest lumen output

  • SubstiTUBE® IPS T8 Lamps Highest lumen output for a T8 replacement tube

  • SubstiTUBE Curvalume® LED T8 Highest lumen output for a U-bend LED replacement tube