​Specialty Lighting

Specialty light bulbs are manufactured with a particular shape, base design, or special built-in features to perform a particular lighting task, for example:

  • Tubular lamps for aquarium lighting

  • A15 appliance lamps

  • Fan lights

  • Bug lights

  • Heat lamps

  • Rough service lamps

  • Grow lamps

  • Night lights

​​*They are available in incandescent, halogen, and LED options, and now even WiFi controlled lighting with LIGHTIFY™ ​

Incandescent Specialty Lighting
Halogen Specialty Lighting

A wide variety of Specialty solutions.​

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Unique halogen solutions for special tasks.

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Where to Use
LIGHTIFY Your Life Specialty Lighting
Where to Use Specialty Lighting

​Smart connected lighting via app.

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