Light and Color

Lighting Innovations

Inductively Coupled Electrodeless Electronic Lighting Systems
In a recent technological breakthrough, SYLVANIA engineers developed a way to produce light without filaments or electrodes. The implications are profound, as filament and electrode decay limits the life of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and HID sources. The new system, ICETRON®, combines fluorescent and magnetic induction technology to produce a lamp with a stunning 100,000-hour average rated life. In typical applications, this may translate to a service life as long as 25 years. The ICETRON® system operates much like a traditional fluorescent system, but uses an electronic ballast and ferrite magnets to induce current flow inside the lamp from outside the bulb wall. With its advanced triphosphor lamp coating, the system offers high lumen output, efficiency and color rendering – with essentially no lamp components to wear out. 

Beating the Heat with Infrared-Conserving Halogen Lamps
Much of the energy consumed by incandescent or halogen lamps is wasted as radiated heat. In response to this problem,  SYLVANIA has developed a tungsten halogen lamp technology that "recycles" infrared energy from the filament, and dramatically increases lamp efficiency. CAPSYLITE IR® and TRU-AIM® IR lamps feature an ellipsoidal halogen capsule with a multilayered, infrared, conserving coating. Together, the capsule shape and IR coating reflect radiated heat back onto the filament, while transmitting visible light. Because the heat is reflected back to the filament, less energy is required to maintain the filament at its optimal operating temperature. The results are lower wattage lamps producing as much light as their higher wattage counterparts – for example, a 50W IR-conserving lamp that replaces a 75W standard halogen lamp. 

HID Arc Tube Design – Simple is Better
With the advent of ceramic arc tube technology, metal halide lamps have improved significantly in terms of color rendering, lumen maintenance, and color appearance. SYLVANIA has taken ceramic arc tubes to the next level with a unique two-piece arc tube design with rounded geometry. Traditional ceramic arc tubes are cylindrical in shape and are constructed by assembling three or five separate pieces. Fewer pieces means fewer sealing points and reduced potential for arc tube failures. SYLVANIA’s POWERBALL™ design allows the arc tube to run at a more stable temperature, resulting in improved performance. Users are rewarded with long life and improved lumen maintenance, exceptional color rendering (CRI > 80), improved lamp-to-lamp color consistency and minimal color shift over life.