OSRAM Ballast Technology

The system is the solution.


LEDVANCE is the Global leader in lamp and ballast lighting systems - We offer innovative and cost-effective, evergy saving, electronic fluorescent systems in instant start, programmed start and controllable ballasts in a variety of ballast factors. Included in our product portfolio are controllable Metal halide and Induction lamp and ballast systems, and a line of magnetic ballasts

Products for Energy Code Compliance

Controllable ballasts for Powerline, 0-10V, Bi-level or DALI dimming

QUICKTRONIC High efficiency Electronic ballasts

Couple QUICKTRONIC high efficiency fluorescent ballasts with high efficacy, long life OCTRON T8 and PENTRON T5 and THO lamps

Couple QUICKTRONIC Metal Halide ballasts with high performance, METALARC PulseStart or METALARC PowerBall Ceramic Lamps

60 Month System Warranty covers QUICKTRONIC ballast and SYLVANIA lamps

QUICK 7XL (TM) covers QUICKTRONIC PROStart (R) Ballasts and several SYLVANIA lamps

Install Encelium Energy Management System in 0-10V or DALI platform