SYLVANIA CAPSYLITE® halogen line voltage and low voltage directional lamps are available in a variety of sizes, wattages and beam angles to meet the needs of virtually any general or accent lighting application.

CAPSYLITE directional lamps, with their long life, high lumen output and energy efficiency, are ideal for use in many residential and commercial applications, particularly retail and restaurant/hospitality.


CAPSYLITE IR®, IR Plus® PAR lamps and TRU-AIM® IR® MR16 lamps feature:


  • IR coating on capsule and borosilicate reflector and lens system to virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C

  • Up to 30% energy savings over standard types 

  • Extended lamp life of 3000-4000 hours 

  • Patented SPL® optics for superior beam control, high center beam candlepower and uniform lamp-to-lamp performance.