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ValueLED™ Arealight Motion Sensor


Introducing the ValueLED™ Area /Flood Light Luminaire line extension. You can now increase your energy savings by choosing the optional Daylight/Motion sensor. This family of outdoor fixtures is designed to be used to illuminate parking lots, parking garage roofs, site roads and general outdoor areas. The full range of wattages ranging from 80W through 300W with efficacies of up to 130 lumens per watt makes them ideal to replace traditional HID luminaires with light sources from 100W to 1000W and providing energy savings of up to 73%. By selecting to use of one of the five different mounting brackets available and pairing it with the sleek and attractive IP65 rated body, it allows the fixture to be used either as an area light or a flood light. And by choosing one of the three highly efficient and uniform distributions you can replace exiting fixtures with excellent results or minimize the number of fixtures needed on a new application making a great value for any area or flood lighting application. 

PIB-  ValueLED Arealight Motin Sensor