New Products

ValueLED™ Wallpack PC and EM

Introducing The ValueLED™  wallpack family line extension. The ValueLED™ wallpack is now available with daylight photo control and/or with emergency battery backup. These new options extend the functionality of the family by allowing the fixture to be turned on and off automatically everyday via the optional integrated photo control. In case of power failures, the optional emergency battery backup allows the fixture to operate in emergency mode for 90 minutes as required by code. The 30W through 120W range of wattages makes them ideal to replace traditional HID luminaires with light sources from 70W to 400W and with efficacies of up to 145 lumens per watt provide energy savings of up to 77%. It's DLC Premium listing allows you to maximize your return on investment through local utility rebates if available.

PIB- ValueLED Wallpack PC and EM