SMART+ 80+ CRI, LED Lamps

Light has never been so enriching, helpful, individual and networked. SMART+ brings the future of lighting into your home or business today. Experience intelligent, connected solutions that adapt at any time to your desires and lifestyle easily via existing mobile devices and a free, simple to use app.

Smart Family Cut Sheet



BR30, Adjustable White,
65W Replacement (800 Lumen)#

2700K-6500K, 20000 Life, Zigbee



MR16, Adjustable White, 

30W Replacement (500 Lumen)


2700-6500K, 20000 Life, Zigbee

RT-Series, 80 CRI, 20000 Life 

RT 5/6, Adjustable White,
65W Replacement (810 Lumen)#

2700-6500K, Zigbee

RT 5/6, Full Color 
75W Replacement (820 Lumen)#

2700-6500K, 90+CRI, Zigbee

RT 5/6 HO, Full Color 
100W Replacement (1400 Lumen)#

2700-6500K, Zigbee

Strip-Series, 20000 Life