​Lighting Options to Reduce Energy Use


OSRAM SYLVANIA has been an energy-efficient innovator since the 1960s.  We were first with high performance T8 fluorescent lamps in North America. 

In 1981, we introduced the SYLVANIA OCTRON® family of T8 fluorescent lamps, ushering in a new era of efficiency.  Since then, we have helped our customers save over 109 billion dollars in energy costs and reduced electrical consumption by over 1 trillion kWh.  The OCTRON family has grown to 9 types:  7001, 700 XP, 800, 800 XP, 800 XP SUPERSAVER®, 800 XP XL, 800XV and 800 XPS.  The latest innovation, OCTRON XV, is a phosphor-optimized lamp designed as a cost-effective solution for today’s market challenges.  The OCTRON lamps carry the ECOLOGIC® designation to indicate that they pass the Federal TCLP criteria for classification as non-hazardous waste in most states2.  A wide variety of high efficiency, electronic QUICKTRONIC® ballasts are available to pair with OCTRON lamps to deliver the right lighting solution for your project.

The PENTRON® ECOLOGIC family of T5 fluorescent lamps, introduced in the 1990s, includes standard and high output lamps.  The PENTRON PREMIER™ 28 watt lamp reaches 109 lumens per watt, with 95% lumen maintenance.  Operated by high efficiency, electronic QUICKTRONIC ballasts, PENTRON-QUICKTRONIC systems provide additional fluorescent options.

METALARC POWERBALL Ceramic lamps feature a superior performance, spherical arc tube geometry that maximizes lumen output, lumen maintenance, lamp-to-lamp color consistency, long life and color rendition.  These lamps provide good efficiency with magnetic ballasts, but pairing them with QUICKTRONIC electronic ballasts will deliver greater energy savings. 

The DULUX® ECOLOGIC family of compact fluorescent and electronic QUICKTRONIC ballasts offer a wide range of energy saving, long life solutions for traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting applications.  In addition, compact fluorescent retrofits lamps (CFLi) are available and suitable for upgrading many existing incandescent luminaires by just changing the lamps.

OSRAM SYLVANIA also offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions ranging from LED replacement lamps to luminaire retrofit kits to new luminaires.  LED solutions not only deliver energy savings, but also very long life solutions that help reduce lighting maintenance costs.

If nothing but incandescent will do, look for halogen lamps that deliver the quality of light of an incandescent along with energy savings and, in many cases, longer lamp life.   Halogen lamps are energy efficient incandescent lamps and compatible with all existing incandescent equipment including lighting controls.  They are available as general service incandescent and directional, medium screw base, line voltage lamps as well as low voltage lamps. 

Regardless of the combination of energy efficient light sources you select for your project, remember to pair them with the appropriate lighting controls.  Reduce your lighting load when sufficient daylight is available or activity in an area is reduced and turn off your lighting when areas are vacant.  Strategies like these can be incorporated with whole building management systems that control lighting and other building systems to deliver maximum energy efficiency. 

For years, we have offered our customers optimal design and energy performance with THE SYSTEM SOLUTION® concept – our inventive offering of energy efficient light sources, ballasts and driver/power supplies developed under one roof to optimized system performance.  Now our system solutions include individual control devices and ENCELIUM™ energy management systems to take energy savings to the next level.  Let OSRAM SYLVANIA help you discover all your options, including local and federal incentive programs, and select the most appropriate solution based on your corporate goals. 


  1. The OCTRON 700 Series will no longer be manufactured as of July 14, 2014. 
  2. 2. TCLP test results are based on NEMA LL Series standards and are available on request.  Lamp disposal regulations may vary; check the local and state regulations.