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Our product catalogs provide specifications on wide range of SYLVANIA branded products.


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Most comprehensive lighting system warranty with more systems covered, more service options to give you more peace of mind. 

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View, download and print from our comprehensive literature library of product catalogs, product info bulletins, family brochures, specification guides, market segment brochures, application stories, sell sheets and more.


Lighting Layout Tool
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Use the lighting layout tool below to adjust desired foot-candles, reflectances, room size and more to upgrade an application or build a new space with the right product and maximized energy savings.
Sylvania Mobile App
Product information at your fingertips.
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Calculate your way into lighting your building and saving money.
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Brighten your understanding of lighting with these useful Q&A's

Lighting Glossary
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Discover the language of lighting

Socket Survey
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Nationwide measure of public attitudes about
energy-efficient lighting and awareness of lighting trends.

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Flourescent and HID lamps contain a small amount of mercury, and it is important that they be properly managed at disposal.

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Join forces with the LEDVANCE Energy Solutions Network- Grow your business and profitability